Corazones Jóvenes Eternos

Two friends living a simple life shaped by love and permaculture outside of Lima, Peru.

Our first wwoofing took us, two Estonians, to a village of San José de Palle Viejo where a small but energetically great farm Casa de los Corazones Jóvenes Eternos is situated.

We could try different jobs there, some of which, like cutting the leaves of banana trees, I had never done before. Most of Krista’s time probably passed with a brush in her hand when helping to paint the house to look even more cheerful and youthful.


Tiit, who has graduated as civil engineer, could use his knowledge by helping with the construction of the new house.



Everybody has their job to do…


…and somebody has to take care of recording those moments).

It’s not only all about work (yummy!).


During our two weeks at Casa de los Corazones Jóvenes Eternos we became very close to Maria and Rodolfo, two very special, beautiful and wonderful souls. In addition to the doors of their house they opened their eternally young hearts to us. We felt welcome since the very first minutes.

Maria told us everything about Peruvian life and shared with us some valuable wisdom as well as told stories about their experiences. Besides, she cooks wonderful meals! And Rodolfo’s wide knowledge about the world made us look differently at some things. He can talk endlessly but yet only wisdom, specially about plants and existence.

We found another, a Peruvian home and family in this farm. Working there and sharing the moments enriched our journey a lot. 
We left with thoughts that we’ll certainly meet again.


Thank you and see you soon!

Krista Pärtel and Tiit Pikk

Progreso de la pintura y panes!

Volunteers painting the house wall, tending to the cherimoya trees, and making bread from our earthen oven!

Voluntarios pintando el muro alrededor de la casa, está cuidando las cherimoyas, y panes del orno de tierra!

Fotos de nuestro segundo voluntario, Max! Gracias por todo de tu fuerza y alma!

Nuevo construcción de habitaciones a la chacra! Los voluntarios son Lucas y Cristiane de Brazil!

Nuestro nuevo camión! Una Mahatma y es bien chevre!